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There are many different aspects of the scaffolding and safety services that we cover. Some of the main tasks that we perform are:

  • Asbestos Remounts
    Great care must be taken when scaffolding work is needed at a property where it is foreseeable that asbestos is likely to be disturbed. We have years of experience in ensuring that all the relevant safety issues are minimised for both our customers and our staff.
  • Heavy Duty Support
    Heavy Duty scaffold towers are probably the strongest and safest scaffold towers available. A comprehensive range of optional accessories are available to overcome almost any access problem. These include adjustable castors, adjustable bases, cantilever legs, and outriggers.
  • Safety Netting
    Safety Nets are used in a variety of applications where site personnel are possibly at risk. They are an ideal solution where workers or materials cannot be protected by more conventional methods.
  • Deck Supply & Fit
    As well as supplying various types of decking, we will also professionally install any decking that is required. We deal with many different types: metal decks, composite decking, roof decking, etc.

We also perform many other undertakings including partnerships for designed services for the pre-fabrication market, as well as many others. If you have any scaffolding related issues that need accomplishing, then we are the company for you. Give us a call for a free quotation today.